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As a doctor of medicine, I specialize in aesthetic and medical treatments on the spot. My goal is to underline the natural appearance of the patients and to preserve their individual charisma. I have extensive experience in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. You can find out more about me here. Entrust your beauty and health to the specialist.

Aesthetic treatments exclusively at the location of your choice

Wherever you are located in the Zurich area, I will come and see you. Be it at your home, your workplace, your hotel or even a selected beauty salon – with my exclusive service I will free you from time-consuming visits to the doctor and advise you on the treatment that suits you best.

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Treatment at the
location of your choice



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Beauty and proportions are measurable

The perception of beauty is instinctive. It makes the eyes rest for a moment. Looking at another face, we know within seconds whether we find it attractive. What culture or color the other person may be, it is easy to trust our sense of beauty. Is there a way to analyze this perception of beauty under the microscope of medicine?

Many bodily features, that we consider beautiful, are mainly a reference of good health. A regular and even physical anatomy is not only attractive, but allows normal and fast movements without pain.
Much can be done for your good looks by taking care of your health.

The second characteristic of beauty is harmony in a face or the body anatomy. The word harmony stands for a proportion, that looks pleasing and enjoyable to the observer. These proportions have a mathematical description. The Greek letter “Φ“ stands for ideal proportions, also known as the golden ratio. This is a particular ratio, that appears very often in nature. The same ratio is present in a well-proportioned human face. As you can see from the following illustrations, the “golden ratio” is a sign of the ideal size ratio in various parts of the face. The ageing process changes these proportions.

The third feature of beauty is your charisma and your personality! A friendly and warm attitude will win your colleagues’ affection. The perception of your individual beauty is closely connected to the way you present yourself.